About Us


Macutex, co-founded by current Managing Director Nathan Edwards in 2006, is a leading provider of services to the property and facility asset industry. We service clients at all levels of government and private sector organisations in all states and territories throughout Australia.

Our core business is to support owners and managers of multi-site asset portfolios to better understand their risks and opportunities, and to be more informed and confident when making decisions.

That’s What we do.

We make our client’s role more Effective, Confident, Influential, Valued and Enjoyable.

That’s Really What we do.

Combining diverse industry experience, an innovative resource model and technological tools to disrupt outdated industry practices separates us from the crowd.

That’s How we do it.

We see an extraordinary opportunity to better our clients; the market they operate in; ourselves; and the wider community collectively by, well, just doing what we are good at and enjoy doing.

That’s Why we do it.


Our Policies: Macutex’s OHS, Quality and Environmental Management Policies are available upon request.