Innovative Drone Technology

Quality Data Collection Programs, Award-Winning Innovation

& CASA Licenced Pilots

Our Vision

Macutex is committed to helping asset managers and owners save money by eliminating the waste in asset expenditure. We have invested in material and personnel resources to reflect these requirements, particularly focused on nurturing a culture of innovation in the delivery of new products and services.

Our Drone Capabilities

Macutex strives to be an innovative leader and help decrease client costs when it comes to asset data collection, therefore, we have established ‘Drones-as-a-Service’


Macutex is CASA certified with ARN 1045184

Our Services

Building Condition Assessments

Land & Building Surveys

Promotional Videos for Marketing

Infrastructure – Asset inspection, façade reporting, remote asset inspection

Agriculture – NDVI mapping, remote asset inspection, livestock & crop health


Industries We Have Worked With

Health,  Local & State Government, Education, Private Sector, Transport

Innovative and Compliant Delivery Model

A Team of CASA Certified Pilots (RePL/ReOC)

Metropolitan and Regional Resources

Drone Information Management Platform

Short Turnaround and Data Visualisation Tools




State-of-the-Art Reporting

Provides a more intuitive, insightful and cost-effective way to make key business decisions

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