We understand that resources including personnel, time and money can be limited restricting your ability to plan and act more strategically. This often results in the rushed engagement of contractors to deliver an outcome driven by looming deadlines and/or the unforseen escalation of priorities.

Organisations who take a more methodical, structured and long term view of achieving the required outcomes, achieve sustainable success.

Key benefits for clients in engaging a long term contracted partner include, but are not limited to:

  • The development of a strategic framework to plan and deliver outcomes rather than commissioning adhoc projects on a reactive basis
  • Consistency in service delivery over a number of years whether it be engagement with technical and administrative resources, agreed fee structure, asset re-inspections, or adopted service methodology
  • Service provider incentive to invest in asset information and technological solutions that derive greater efficiency, value and outcomes
  • Reliable and efficient access to historical information generated from previous activities should the need arise
  • Budget planning and spending schedules avoiding the typical end of financial year “use it or lose it” project engagement which potentially compromises on price and quality
  • A server provider which gets the opportunity and incentive to understand your business sufficiently to maximise value and opportunity
  • Minimised administrative time and spend
  • Access to ongoing and non-charged advice and additional value-add services which are provided under the spirit of the relationship such as updates in relevant legislation, advancement in technological solutions, participation in industry events, and representation at stakeholder meetings

Macutex is currently engaged by a number of clients on minimum 3 year contracts successfully generating the outcomes listed above in addition to specific technical outcomes. We are ready to become your Asset Information Partner today.