Macutex’s approach to compliance management is to keep it simple. This is based on:

1.Ensuring your compliance responsibilities, and therefore risks, are clearly identified, known and understood;

2.Developing and implementing a rectification action plan based on agreed risk, resource constraints and priorities;

3.Establishing a suitable management system that allows you to best administer all compliance related activities, issues and information as part of your normal operations; and

4.Having the ability to easily and confidently demonstrate compliance at any time to anyone.

Different compliance management solutions available to you include:

  • Baseline audits against relevant compliance requirements
  • Preparation of required documentation to demonstrate compliance, e.g. Maintenance Determinations, Annual ESM Reports, Manuals
  • Non-compliance risk assessments and rectification action plans
  • Compliance information management and reporting software solutions
  • Preparation and ongoing management of emergency evacuation diagrams
  • Development of asset registers for items requiring regulatory compliance maintenance as the basis for service provider procurement
  • Independent review and performance assessment of regulatory compliance maintenance contractors
  • Assistance in obtaining regulatory approvals including construction and demolition related building permits