Having collected and submitted tens of millions of fields of data in spreadsheet format to clients, we at Macutex have witnessed the best and worst of deriving value from data collection activities.

Until now clients had a choice between keeping and analysing the data in MS Excel, or uploading the data into an enterprise-wide asset information management system that was rarely liked, understood or used to its full potential.

Based on our extensive industry experience and listening to the frustrations of the market, Macutex has developed a suite of web-based data visualization, analysis, and reporting dashboards specifically for large property and facility asset portfolios.

These dashboards have been developed independent of any specific database or asset information management system and can be connected to any existing set of data including multiple sources at the same time. This includes MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Access, SQL, Oracle, SAP and other proprietary database applications.

Given the customizable nature of the user interface, this puts the power of deciding how to visualize, interact with and consume information into the hands of the end user rather than being restricted by what functionality a particular database or proprietary software system has to offer.

Key benefits of Macutex’s data visualisation, analysis and decision making dashboards include:

  • Ability to view and interpret multiple sets of data in different formats and from different sources on a single screen
  • No need to setup “yet another” database or enterprise-wide asset information management system
  • Ability to easily identify the operational performance and compliance on a site by site basis or across the portfolio as a whole
  • “What if” scenario planning to assess the financial and/or risk impact if different variables change
  • Future budget planning completed in a collaborative, time and cost effective manner
  • Multi user access and customisation of reports for executive reporting
  • Integration of Google Maps and other third party applications
  • No need for the purchase, installation and ongoing maintenance of in-house software

A variety of Data Visualization and Analysis Dashboards have been developed for different purposes including:

  • Portfolio Information Intranet
  • Budget development, allocation and approval
  • Maintenance prioritisation and renewal planning based on life-cycle analysis
  • Disability access compliance upgrade works prioritisation
  • Strategic portfolio planning including site identification for acquisitions, consolidation and disposal
  • Service level performance and fit-for-purpose assessments to derive improvement action plans
  • Risk profiling of regulatory non-compliance and associated resolution action plans
  • Assessment of existing environmental performance, benchmarking similar assets and identifying sites with the most potential for achieving reduction targets
  • Service procurement strategy development

In support of ensuring the data behind the dashboards is appropriate, the following additional consulting services are also available:

  • Existing Data Set Consolidation, Review and Cleansing
  • Data Planning and Structure Design
  • Industry Data Integration and Performance Benchmarking