You have a facility that has been with you for a while, or has just been made part of your

portfolio, but it needs to change. It needs to come up to current day standards, be

expanded, have a change of use, or be replaced.

What needs to be done to meet your objectives? How much will it cost? What does it

mean in terms of building code compliance?

Do I have options, and how do I compare them appropriately?

Macutex can help you answer these questions with our 3 step gap analysis methodology.

1. Confirm the business objectives, historical context and what standards and

requirements the facility needs to meet. This includes reviewing and/or establishing

asset service levels as the basis for assessment criteria associated with any on site audit

2. Undertake a detailed audit of the facility by suitably qualified and experienced

engineers and building surveyors including where relevant:

  • Condition and life-cycle analysis of building structure, fabric and services
  • Existing compliance to building regulations and code
  • Fit for purpose and functionality suitability
  • Future development constraints and opportunities

3. Preparation of findings and recommendations including:

  • Written report
  • Data sets for further analysis and input to existing asset information management systems
  • Photographs and video (linked from within reports and datasets)
  • New or upgraded building and site layout plans (AutoCAD and pdf)
  • Interactive “what if” and cost benefit analysis dashboards

Some recent project experience includes:

  • Ageing aquatic centre redevelopment assessment (Local Government)
  • Third party commercial lease extension evaluation (State Government Department)
  • Post purchase change of use scope of work requirements (University)
  • Business case development to replace old, non-fit for purpose building stock (Aged Care Provider)
  • Refurbishment of disused property for community use (Local and State Government)