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Box Hill Institute


BCA Level 2 and Barcodes

Macutex undertook a Building Condition Assessment and Asset Register for a mechanical fixed plant and equipment at Box Hill Institutes three main campuses.

The assessment included a visual walkthrough inspection of the existing building and associated areas. Macutex reported on the condition of all building components including structure, external fabric, roof, internal fit-out, fixtures and fittings. Each element captured was assigned a quantity and condition rating (based on the industry adopted IPWEA Practice Note No.3).

The roof areas were inspected in consultation with site personnel and access onto roof areas only where fixed, safe access provisions are provided and after an appropriate risk audit has been undertaken on site.

The scope of work for the asset register included the following:

  • Affixing bar codes to the fixed plant and equipment
  • Cataloguing the barcodes and asset details, make model and serial no, where available
  • Photographs of the assets

Macutex utilised its fleet of mobile devices using the customised Kykloud platform software for the collection of asset condition data. Kykloud’s intuitive interface enabled the quick and easy collection of data. Dropdown picklists of data ensured that consistent and clear information was captured, reducing errors and the time taken to carry out the inspection.

By using Tableau, a Business Intelligence and Analytical software, Macutex developed a unique set of condition assessment analysis and decision-making tools specifically for state-wide facility asset portfolios. Innovative Tableau dashboards were also utilised to manage schedules, time efficiencies and real-time progress reporting for the client.

Macutex provided Box Hill Institute with a complete set of asset and condition information for all facilities including but not limited to:

  • A componentised register of all Building assets
  • A 10-year costed lifecycle expenditure plan for all building elements
  • A 3-year prioritised list of backlogs costed backlog maintenance issues requiring intervention and rectification
  • A catalogue of barcoded fixed plant and equipment items for import into their asset management system
  • A copy of revised building floor plans showing all building modifications including room layout alterations, room and name changes, extensions to the current floor plans and any other building modifications
  • A detailed catalogue of building photographs including photos of external building elevations and room layouts