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Central West Health

Hospital Asset Portfolio Assessments

Macutex was engaged by Central West Health Service (CWHS) as the Principal and sole contracted service provider to facilitate building condition and compliance assessments of building assets located across twelve remote locations in Central West Queensland.

CWHS is responsible for the provision of public hospital and health services in the Central West Area in Queensland covering over 396,650 square kilometres of the state.

Due to the remote locations of the properties, the project has benefited from Macutex’s logistical capabilities ensuring assessment of all sites with maximum possible efficiency and timeliness.

The project commenced in July 2018, and has been divided into three audit areas as outlined below:

  • Part A – Building Condition Audits and Maintenance: Undertake a visual inspection of all building elements such as substructure, superstructure, roofing, windows, doors, external walls, internal walls and wall covering, floors and floor coverings, ceilings and soffits, fixed furniture, external movement areas, electrical installations, water installations/hydraulic services, mechanical services, handrails, balustrades and ladders. For each of the elements, quantity and the type of material are reported.
  • Part B –  Compliance against Building Code of Australia (BCA): An on-site visual inspection of each of the buildings listed conducted against the BCA and all associated Australian Standards, including AS 1428.1 – 2009.
  • Part C – Preparation of Building Floor Plans: Prepare building layout plans in AutoCad for presentation in AutoCad and PDF formats. Plans include emergency evacuation diagrams, space utilization assessments and planning, capital works preliminary planning and costing, reference material for tendering and procurement of facilities management services

Macutex utilises customised Kykloud platform software for the collection of asset condition data using our fleet of mobile devices. Kykloud’s intuitive interface enables fast and efficient collection of data and ensures the consistency and clarity of the information captured, thus reducing both the possibility of error and the time taken to conduct the on-site inspections.

Following completion of the building audits, Macutex will assist CWHS in the development of a planned and preventative maintenance schedule to ensure ongoing compliance with the BCA and relevant Australian Standards.