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Metro Trains Melbourne

Essential Safety Measures Assessment and Documentation

Macutex was engaged to assist Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) to update database records, gain a better understanding of essential safety measure (ESM) outcomes onsite, and validate the performance of fire service maintenance contracts across more than 1,500 buildings throughout the metropolitan and wider railway network. The project comprised:
  • Reviewing existing information at a desktop level
  • Undertaking onsite assessments and collecting the following information:
    • Updating existing building layout drawings, or creating new drawings where they did not exist
    • Preparing ESM item registers including annotation to layout drawings
    • Assessment findings against regulatory compliance standards
    • Updated information relating to site attributes and occupancy
  • Data analysis and reporting at a site and portfolio level
Facility assets included railway stations, offices, maintenance depots and operational facilities. Macutex worked with MTM to further develop its asset information management systems in regard to data structure consistency and future reporting.