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Nestd Homes

Interactive 360° Walkthroughs for Designer Compact Homes


Project Overview

In September 2020, Nestd Homes, a social enterprise dedicated to selling compact homes, contracted Macutex to create two interactive 360° walkthroughs. The client’s overall objective was to find a way to provide potential buyers with the opportunity to experience the display homes remotely, due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

The Macutex team was tasked with developing high-

quality walkthroughs for the Gable and Peak 2 homes. Each walkthrough incorporated floor plans and information tags/links relevant to interior decorating suggestions and supplier information.

By creating these walkthroughs, Macutex provided the client with the chance to showcase the homes in a unique and engaging way nation-wide.

Our digital asset officer created 2  interactive 360° walkthroughs across 74 m².

  • Interactive 360° Walkthroughs
  • Developed tags and links that provide relevant/pertinent information to the experience

Display Centre, Clayton

September 2020 – August 2021


Nest'd Homes_Gable02_20210909_Rev0
Nest'd Homes_Gable_20210909_Rev0
Nestd specialises in compact homes and we wanted a unique way of showing our homes to our customers who are not able to visit our display centre, or due to COVID restrictions. The Macutex interactive 360° walkthroughs provided us with the best possible outcome to be able to reach our customers and showcase our products. The Macutex team were brilliant in their approach and suggestions on how to maximise the tour to best showcase our Nestd compact homes.
Brad Blunt
Head of Social Enterprise
Nest'd Homes_Peak_20210909_Rev0
Nest'd Homes_Peak2_20210909_Rev0
About the Client

Nestd Homes are passionate about providing high quality and affordable, self-contained compact living solutions to the retail, tourism, property development and social sectors. Leading Australian Architects have created sophisticated compact home designs as flat packs with footprints less than 50 square metres. All profits from every Nestd home goes towards Kids Under Cover’s life-changing work with at-risk young people.


Social Enterprise


Interactive 360° Walkthroughs