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Victorian School Building Authority

State-wide Facility Asset Assessment Program

Macutex was engaged by the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA), a division of the Department of Education and Training (DET), to conduct building condition assessments of all Government schools across Victoria from April 2018 to December 2022.

Program services include condition assessments of all buildings and site infrastructure of over 1,500 schools, identification and reporting of OHS issues, mark-ups of all building plans with structural alterations and data management.

Utilising assessment findings to inform the strategic allocation of DET funding will ensure education facilities are able to accommodate education of current students and the forecast influx of new students in the coming five (5) years.  Macutex is collecting consistent, comprehensive and accurate condition information for the state-wide portfolio to inform DET’s asset information, maintenance and infrastructure planning, prioritisation of works and funding allocation.

Macutex is providing DET with an enhanced understanding of their asset base to inform contemporary, safe and sustainable learning environments aligning with the priorities for educational infrastructure and best-practice educational assessments.

Stakeholder engagement at a school/site level is obtained by conducting multiple onsite meetings, whereby Macutex gains investment from influential frontline decision makers. Macutex has committed to minimising disruptions to the schools’ operational environments and all audit processes and activities are designed to ensure this objective is met.

Macutex has developed and implemented a robust service delivery framework to ensure performance requirements are adhered to on a consistent basis.

The audit program has a focus on identifying key trends, themes and systemic issues identified onsite and across the portfolio (by school, by region, school type) to inform future planning and asset management.