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State-wide Facility Portfolio Condition and Compliance Services

Macutex, currently under contract, has worked extensively with VicTrack on multiple contracts since 2009 including multiple site audits conducted over 1,500 buildings state-wide to date.

Projects and Services include:

  • Multiple state-wide portfolio facility asset assessment programs comprising:
    • Asset register, condition, and maintenance planning
    • Essential safety measures (ESM) compliance
    • Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and access to premises standards
    • OHS and public liability risks
  • Detailed asset assessments of large industrial, commercial, retail, residential, vacant land and telecommunication facilities
  • Statutory maintenance service provider performance evaluation and maintenance information reporting and management since 2014 (5-year contract), including preparation of annual essential safety measure compliance reporting
  • Asset data consulting and information management system support
  • Roof and façade inspections utilising drone technology and 3D spatial intelligence modelling and AI-enhanced reporting

Macutex operates a portfolio asset data information management and interactive web-based reporting system on behalf of VicTrack. This system has been developed and successfully implemented to store data relating to the various building assets, and assessment finding reports.