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Technical Expertise​

Macutex recognises that a diverse range of skills and experience is required to successfully service the complex needs of the facility and property asset management industry.

We have invested in material and personnel resources to meet these requirements. Macutex offers a team of highly experienced asset management and built-environment professionals with qualifications and expertise in a range of technical areas, including those listed below:

Asset Condition and
Maintenance Planning

Building and site facility asset component registers and condition assessments; life-cycle analysis; and maintenance renewal plans

Asset Attributes for Database Population

Onsite collection of general building and site facility attributes

Functional Suitability &
Industry Specific Code

Fit for purpose assessments against defined service level standards; and regulatory compliance audits against industry specific standards such as food safety, aged care, child care and sporting facilities

Building Code Compliance

Code compliance audits; risk assessments; and regulatory permit process support

Essential Safety Measures (ESM) Compliance

Regulatory compliance audit programs; annual compliance documentation; and compliance advisory services

Access to Premises (Disabilty Access)

Compliance audit programs; risk and opportunity assessments; and upgrade works prioritisation methodology

Operational, OHS and Public Liability Risk

On site assessment and data collection to identify and evaluate potential risks and liability posed by the physical assets and/or their occupancy

Energy and Water Efficiency

Collection of information on site to assist in assessing energy and water management performance and improvement opportunities

Spatial Intelligence

Drone based data capture (RePL / ReOC certified); asset digitisation, 3D models and AI reporting

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