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Save Time, Budget, and Energy With Full Drone Services

Aerial Intelligence and Drone Services

Our drone services and analysis helps you make better decisions for your building portfolio. Traditional surveying requires a team of auditors on-site taking precise measurements, handling equipment, and dealing with work at heights.

By conducting an aerial survey via drone, our certified drone pilots can capture your important data, giving you the ability to prioritise your future works quickly.

AI and Drone Services AI and Drone Services AI and Drone Services AI and Drone Services

Use Cases

We use drone services for large asset assessment programs. Additionally, we offer drone services for:

Qualified Pilots

We have trained and licenced in-house building auditors, proficient in the safe use of drones onsite. All drone pilots are CASA certified, flying under the Macutex CASA-certified Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC.No.1348) and all flights are managed by the Chief Remote Pilot. With comprehensive flight risk and safety management systems in place, our fully insured flight operations make it easier than ever before to capture hard to reach data.

Detail Asset Data

Through the use of drones, our team can give you detailed data of those hard to reach assets. By using modern artificial intelligence process automation, advanced flight planning software and industry recognised image capture programs, we can determine fit for purpose best practice data acquisition pre-flight. Post-flight, our team can accurately identify priority work and next steps to help your business maintain a compliant portfolio.

Safer Audits

There are significant advantages of using drones for at-height asset assessments, compared to elevated work platforms, fall restraint systems and large ladders. The use of drones gives you the ability to examine the condition of complex assets and infrastructure safely, without the occupational health and safety risks associated with working at heights.

Quick Delivery To Keep
You Moving

We take pride in our quick and efficient delivery to our clients. Depending on the number of assets, we can turn data around within 24 hours. For more extensive and complex 3D models creation and defect detection, the delivery time can be up to 2 weeks. Cost is indicative depending on the size of the project.

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