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Minimise Disputes and View Defects Anytime, Anywhere

Macuport® 3D Schedule of Condition Model

Looking to minimise the risk of disputes upon lease expiration? Keep a detailed record of your building with a digital 360 degree model.
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Stay On Top of Your Building Condition Records

Avoid disputes or having to pay for damage caused by others.

Our digital Schedule of Condition Model takes the traditional dilapidation report to the next level. We capture high-quality footage of your premises and create a 360-degree digital walkthrough of your space. The model includes high-quality visuals, all current defects and a downloadable embedded schedule of condition PDF report of your asset.

The interactive walkthrough model is designed to meet your complex needs, yet simple enough for non-tech savvy users to navigate.

Minimise Disputes With Clear Records

Records matter. They provide detailed proof for any damage disputes and helps streamline the lease expiration process. The digital Macuport® 3D Schedule of Condition Model allows you to minimise disputes with clear high-quality visual proof that can be shared with anyone who needs access.

Ability To View Defects – Anytime, Anywhere

See where any building defects are with a click of a button. With the interactive 360 degree walkthrough, you can easily select a defect on the ‘model map’ and view both the close up visual and a detailed description. Giving you the ability to view your asset anytime, anywhere.


The features of a standard industry Dilapidation Report are limited. With a digital Schedule of Condition Model, you can have access to a plethora of detailed information, which in turn can save you time and money in the long run.

If an additional capture of high-quality footage of your premises is undertaken at a different set day and before the expiration of the lease, the footage can be incorporated into the Schedule of Condition Model. This provides a split-screen viewing of before and after models for direct comparison.

An interactive 360-degree walkthrough of your premises, creating an immersive experience for the user.

Imagery of sufficient quality and resolution to clearly demonstrate condition at a set date. Ability to zoom in on defects without losing quality.

Detailed external views of your asset.

Schedule of Condition report accessible for viewing and download within the interactive 360-degree walkthrough.

Identified issues clearly annotated, with further detail accessible via information tags.

We can provide files to you or host them in our SaaS platform, Macuport®.

How Long Does It Take To Create The Digital Model?

We spend a few hours on-site to capture all relevant details and then deliver your digital schedule
of condition model to you usually within 5 working days from inspection.