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Macuport® is a cloud based platform that was developed to support those responsible for ensuring their building asset portfolio is appropriately managed, maintained, compliant and fit for purpose.

We understand that you have a responsibility to decide what is best for your portfolio. Our role is to help you do just that. With the support of Macuport® our team of specialists can guide you, using your data, to efficiently and effectively decide where, when and why, when allocating funds and reducing risk.

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Interactive Dashboards

We make it easy for you to provide insights from asset data to make informed decisions, prioritise action and persuasively influence key stakeholders, including those approving and allocating funds.

Macuport® gives your team the ability to:

Digital Asset Models

Using 360-degree imagery and 3D digital modelling technology, you can now immersively explore a site from within the platform.

Not only do you have an interactive walkthrough experience and data imagery, you can also:

Example Use Cases:

1. Before and After Documentation

2. Facility Planning

3. Facility Viewing

4. Interactive Information Management

Advanced Data Capture Tools

We adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our tools to detect, analyse, and report issues.

The benefits and opportunities include:

Macuport - Australian Owned _ Operated

Macuport® Is a Cloud-based Subscription Service Accessed via Any Current Web Browser.​

The service is scalable to meet the existing and future needs of your portfolio.

As a Macuport® subscriber you will benefit not only from a secure and robust platform designed for 99.9% of durability but also enterprise wide enhancements as part of our service to you.

Visualise, Analyse and Report Your Data with Ease