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I don’t know the real condition of my building assets.

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Our approach offers optimum balance between risk, performance and cost.

It is difficult to make important business decisions without having a full understanding of the condition of your building assets. Whether it be high-risk issues requiring immediate attention, short to medium term maintenance budgeting, meeting regulatory compliance reporting, or strategic planning, having up to date information on the performance of your assets is critical to success.

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Our Approach

We help you rectify incomplete data sets, gain in-depth asset portfolio information, and assist with more informed decisions on your building portfolio. As a solution, we offer Building Asset Assessments for single facilities and Portfolio-wide Asset Assessment Programs, which typically include drone-based data collection as a standard tool of trade.

Macutex is recognised as an industry leader in the successful delivery of asset assessment and data collection programs. 

Unlike other organisations where the prime business focus is engineering design and project management, or facilities maintenance posing a potential conflict of interest, Macutex was specifically established to provide best practice building asset assessment and data collection programs as core business.

For a more in-depth view of your building, we utilise 360-degree virtual walkthrough technology that captures both internal and external aspects of buildings.

This suite of digital building solutions help you manage and virtually access your building assets from anywhere. The models work as planning and management tools to help you communicate with your contractors, staff, tenants, and other stakeholders and helps you achieve greater project quality control through the power of 3D digital models.

We work with you to establish the most appropriate scope of works for an asset condition assessment program that best suits your priorities, timing and budget. Asset condition information can be provided in a number of ways including:

  • A spreadsheet (MS Excel or CSV format) for upload into existing information management systems, or direct analysis
  • Written summary reports
  • Interactive analysis and reporting dashboards utilising tools such as MS Power BI or Tableau
  • Annotated floor plans or immersive 3D digital models

We service all levels of government and the private and not for profit sectors, in all states and territories, from the major cities to the most remote parts of Australia

Our Experience

Know the real condition of your building assets whatever your objectives:
  • Cyclical building condition assessments (6 monthly to 5 yearly)
  • Condition audits to support future use analysis and decision-making
  • Lease agreement and capital work schedules of condition
  • ISO55000 and Asset Management Accountability Framework (AMAF) performance reporting and compliance
  • Budget setting, maintenance planning and asset management plan (AMP) support
  • Asset lifecycle and renewal modelling
Our condition assessment experience and proven delivery systems are industry leading:
  • Serviced more than 100 clients and assessed over 72,000 buildings nationally
  • Multi-year State Government contracts throughout Australia ($10M+ contracts)
  • Repeat 3 yearly building condition assessment programs for local government (more than 40 Councils)
  • Federal Government Department facilities management procurement and contract performance support
  • Not for profit organisations establishing baseline property information for the first time
  • Education, health and transport sector specialists

The Support You Need Is One Call Away

We know best how to obtain and present the asset condition information you need.

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