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I need to decide what to do with a particular facility. What are my options?

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Our approach offers optimum balance between risk, performance and cost.

Buildings are designed and constructed for a specific purpose. However, with time things can change. Maintenance costs creep up and the demand for such a building may not be what it used to be. The original building intent is not fit for purpose for its current use, or it no longer supports the strategic direction of the organisation. A decision needs to be made.

Our role is to help you figure out the best use and value of the building. We help you decide with data the right decision for you from demolish, redevelop, refurbish, change the use, invest more in maintenance, sell, or simply do nothing.

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Our Approach

To make decisions about what to do with a particular facility we need to:

Based on extensive industry experience, Macutex has developed a structured 3 step approach to assist you to make a risk and value based decision.

Unlike traditional consulting engagements resulting in static written reports, Macutex makes the process more transparent, intuitive, and visual with interactive analysis and decision-making dashboards.

We Have Worked With A Range Of Organisations To Provide Them With A Clear Picture of what their options are

Macutex  has  worked with  many  clients  in the public, private and not-for profit sectors  to simplify the uncertain,  and  successfully  demonstrate  the reasons behind the decisions  being  made and presented to key stakeholders.

Such projects include: 


Access The Data You Need To Make The Right Decision

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