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Asset Inventory Data Specialists

I need to get on top of my regulatory compliance responsibilities.

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Our approach offers optimum balance between risk, performance and cost.

Meeting your regulatory compliance responsibilities can be challenging, but it does not have to be.  

To provide your business with the most value and confidence, we have specialists available to review existing compliance management strategies in place and recommend the specific audit to suit your needs. 

Stay on top of your regulatory compliance with our comprehensive compliance audit solutions. 

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Our Approach

We can help you achieve your objectives and responsibilities by:

Building Code Compliance

Code compliance audits; risk assessments; and regulatory permit process support

Essential Safety Measures (ESM) Compliance

Regulatory compliance audit programs; annual compliance documentation; and compliance advisory services

Access to Premises (Disabilty Access)

Compliance audit programs; risk and opportunity assessments; and upgrade works prioritisation methodology

Functional Suitability and
Industry Specific Code

Fit for purpose assessments against defined service level standards; and regulatory compliance audits against industry specific standards

Our regulatory compliance experience and proven delivery systems are helping our clients to keep their building occupants and communities safe

Let us solve your compliance challenges

Here’s how we can work with you:
  • Advice and information regarding your regulatory compliance responsibilities.
  • Review of existing compliance management strategies, plans and systems, gap analysis and recommendations.
  • On-site audits to ascertain the level of compliance and identify non-compliance issues, either as a specific compliance audit program or incorporated into a wider building asset condition assessment program.
  • Preparation of asset registers for items requiring statutory maintenance including maintenance and inspection frequencies in accordance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Routine compliance audits such as quarterly and annual passive ESM inspections.
  • Workshops with key stakeholders to review and analyse non-compliance findings, prioritise works and prepare action plans.
  • Provide annual compliance reports to meet statutory responsibilities.
  • Comprehensive compliance management solutions.

We Can Support Your Compliance Responsibilities

Experience what we have to offer and more. We are committed to helping you make better decisions and achieve improved outcomes.

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