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I want a better way to visualise, analyse, report and manage my asset data.

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Our approach offers optimum balance between risk, performance and cost.

Visualising, analysing, reporting, and managing asset data has a range of challenges. You may have data in multiple platforms and find it difficult to manage and update these with clear visibility and shareability. 

With our cloud-based platform Macuport® your team can easily see a comprehensive view of your portfolio from anywhere, at any time. 

Our goal is to help you gather all relevant data in one central location, so that you can confidently analyse it and decide what to do and spend, when, where and most importantly why.

Facilities Asset Management Consultants
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Our Approach

Our approach is simple. By collating all your existing data and filling the gaps with our traditional and digital solutions,  we can give your team a better understanding of your buildings to make more informed decisions.

The secured cloud-based platform Macuport®, provides those responsible for managing building asset portfolios, with a tool to visualise, analyse and report asset data. Macuport® is a secure, reliable environment, and all data is stored in accordance with Australian data laws.

Making Your Role More Confident, Complete, and Enjoyable.​

Macuport® has been specifically designed to support those that are responsible for ensuring their building asset portfolio is appropriately maintained, compliant and fit for purpose. We understand your challenge is to decide and act on what to do and what to spend where, when and most importantly why.

Now there is a better way.

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Our clients benefit from using Macuport as their asset information management platform

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