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I wish I could be on site to find out things or manage works without having to go to the site.

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Our approach offers optimum balance between risk, performance and cost.

We know that it can be difficult to spend time and money to go visit a site, especially when the locations are remote, or if you manage a large asset portfolio.

That’s why we have developed Macuport® 3D, a suite of digital building solutions built on 360° walkthrough technology that brings the building to you. Imagine being able to manage and virtually access your building assets from anywhere!

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Our Approach

These immersive digital models work as planning and management tools with a range of applications to help you communicate virtually with your contractors, staff, tenants, and other stakeholders.

We use a range of 3D and 360° tools to provide a high-resolution internal walkthrough of your buildings. Macuport® 3D can be used for workplace management and planning, works procurement, schedule of condition and many more purposes.

For a full external view of your facility we use drone-based data collection to bring the building to you. Our qualified CASA certified drone pilots capture high-quality footage in a safe and straightforward way. This allows you a full building overview and clear record of those hard to get to locations.

The building data and digital models are hosted on Macuport®. Macuport® is a secure, reliable environment and all data is stored in accordance with Australia data laws

Let our team help you save time, money and energy through virtual technology.

DELETE Macutex has worked with many clients to help manage and prioritise work to meet their regulatory compliance responsibilities.

Asset Assessment Specialists

RSPCA Victoria

In 2019 we were engaged by RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to undertake a condition and compliance assessment at four sites with 32 buildings to determine the elemental condition, defects, replacement value, items of risk and overall remaining useful life of the elements. Our team used the assessment findings to help inform work priorities, programmed works for repairs, maintenance, and capital works programs as well as risk management planning.

Our Service Package offering helped us collect relevant data sets for the client to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, by using our range of digital products, including drone-based data collection and virtual walkthrough technology.

The client can now access all building data and digital models via the secure hosting on Macuport server, which can also be shared from the client’s website, intranet or preferred location.

This project provided the client with a comprehensive understanding of their building responsibilities and condition of their assets. Giving the client the ability to continue their community-based charity work to prevent animal cruelty across Victoria.

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