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I wish there was a more time and cost-efficient way to manage the risks, opportunities and priorities in my building asset portfolio.

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It can be a challenge to maximise time and find cost-efficient ways to manage the risks, opportunities and priorities in your building asset portfolio.

In the past, we have worked with facility managers across many sectors that have struggled to find a solution that meets all their needs and budget requirements—leading to non-compliant buildings and out of date data.

As a solution, we developed Service Package, an all-in-one solution that gives your business the data needed to make more informed decisions for your portfolio.

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What exactly is service package?

Our unique Service Package is an innovative, powerful and integrated solution which was developed following more than a decade spent in assisting property professionals to manage their diverse property portfolios.

The service is designed for those responsible for ensuring building asset portfolios are appropriately maintained, compliant and fit for purpose.

In simple terms, the Macutex Service Package is a suite of relevant services and resources bundled into a single delivery package accessed via a set monthly subscription fee.

Common Challenges and Frustrations

Outdated Data

Working with asset data that is out of date, unreliable and inconsistent.

Administration Overload

Managing multiple procurement activities and service providers

Feast or Famine Data Collection

Asset assessment and data collection programs that do not meet the organisation’s needs.

Compliance Gaps

Concerned about gaps in regulatory compliance responsibilities due to limited resources.

Setting Budgets in the Dark

Reliant on outdated and inefficient processes to complete annual maintenance and budgets.

No Single Source of Truth

Dealing with multiple sources of information, in different formats, and in systems that may be difficult to use.

Asset Assessment Specialists

RSPCA Victoria

In 2019 we were engaged by RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to undertake a condition and compliance assessment at four sites with 32 buildings to determine the elemental condition, defects, replacement value, items of risk and overall remaining useful life of the elements. Our team used the assessment findings to help inform work priorities, programmed works for repairs, maintenance, and capital works programs as well as risk management planning.

Our Service Package offering helped us collect relevant data sets for the client to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, by using our range of digital products, including drone-based data collection and virtual walkthrough technology.

The client can now access all building data and digital models via the secure hosting on Macuport server, which can also be shared from the client’s website, intranet or preferred location.

This project provided the client with a comprehensive understanding of their building responsibilities and condition of their assets. Giving the client the ability to continue their community-based charity work to prevent animal cruelty across Victoria.

All-Inclusive Packages
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