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It’s time to really understand the condition and risks of my roofing assets.

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Our approach offers optimum balance between risk, performance and cost.

Understanding the real condition and risks of your roof assets within your building portfolio can be difficult.

A challenge for many facility managers is deciding on the safest, most appropriate, cost-effective course of action – that’s where we come in. We help provide you the information you need to showcase to decision-makers that your roof is important as every other asset within your portfolio.

As a solution, we have packaged our drone-based data collection into specific Roofing Assessment Packages, taking cost and safety and into account.

Qualified Pilots Safer Audits Qualified Pilots Safer Audits

Our Approach

Aerial intelligence and drone technology helps you to prioritise your roof replacement or repairs based on their actual condition. There are significant advantages of using drones for at-height asset assessments, compared to elevated work platforms, fall restraint systems and large ladders. The use of drones gives you the ability to examine the condition of complex assets and infrastructure safely, without the occupational health and safety risks associated with working at heights.

Drone based data collection allows us to capture the following for your building assets:

We have trained and licenced in-house building auditors, proficient in the safe use of drones onsite.

All drone pilots are CASA certified, flying under the Macutex CASA-certified Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC.No.1348) and all flights are managed by the Chief Remote Pilot.

With comprehensive flight risk and safety management systems in place, our fully insured flight operations make it easier than ever before to capture hard to reach data.

For a more in-depth view of your building, our 360-degree virtual walkthrough technology captures a clear internal scan of your building with the opportunity to add information tags.

It helps you clearly showcase data to the relevant decision-makers and make informed decisions with all your portfolio information in one place.

We have worked with a range of organisations to provide them with a clear overview of their building portfolios.

Macutex  has  worked with  many  clients in the public, private and not-for profit sectors  to specifically help Building Facility Managers fill the gaps in their data sets, and make confident, informed decisions about roofing-elements.

Such projects include: 

Understanding the real condition of Your Roofing Assets
Has Never Been Easier

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Safe Work Australia

According to Safe Work Australia, 375 workers will killed following a fall from a height and half of those falls involed failling three meters or less.