Macuport™ 3D

If you can't or choose not to go on-site, we'll bring the site to you. Share information and insight with those who need it, wherever they may be.

We bring the site to you

Looking to save time, money and energy not having to go to site and still make the necessary business decisions?

Macuport™ 3D is a suite of simple, secure and scalable digital building solutions that help you manage and virtually access your building assets from anywhere. These immersive digital models work as planning and management tools to help you communicate with your contractors, staff, tenants, and other stakeholders.

We help you achieve greater project quality control through the power of 3D and 360 degree digital models. Not to mention the ability to host ‘on site’ tender briefings providing access to anyone from anywhere.

Macuport™ 3D Lite

Introducing Macuport™ 3D Lite – a fully functioning digital model of a sample area within one of your own facilities.If you can’t or choose not to go to site, we’ll bring the site to you.

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Macuport™ 3D Workplace Management Model

Set up an interactive virtual walkthrough model of your workplace so you can share, store, and manage up to date essential business-related information with the click of a button.

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Macuport ™ 3D Schedule of Condition Model

Looking to minimise the risk of disputes upon lease expiration? Keep a detailed record of your space with a digital Schedule of Condition Model. A full 360-degree walkthrough that is available from anywhere.

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Macuport ™ 3D Works Procurement and Management Model

Leave the old ways of working behind. Access information and hold site briefings even if you are unable to go to site. This interactive digital tool supports those responsible for procurement processes and works planning.

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