Macuport™ 3D Works Procurement and Management Model

Leave the old ways of working behind. Access information and hold site briefings even if you are unable to go to site.

Access information and hold site briefings even if you are unable to go to site

Are you holding onsite briefings as part of a formal procurement process? Do you need to obtain a quote from contractors to undertake works that require an onsite inspection? Are you required to monitor project works in terms of quality, completion and progress claim payments?

In essence, do you want to access information and conduct business as usual when it is impossible, difficult or undesirable to travel to site

If you can’t or choose not to go on-site, we’ll bring the site to you.

The Macuport™ 3D Works Procurement and Management Model is an interactive digital tool that supports those responsible for procurement processes and works planning. It is especially helpful to provide further site details to service providers and contractors as part of tendering, quotation, and delivery of services.  

The benefits


  • Conduct onsite briefings without people having to go to site – allowing business continuity and efficiency
  • Reduced risk contingency in quotations and potential for variations due to service providers greater understanding of the site
  • Better quality management of service provider works – clear communication and information sharing from anywhere
  • Time, cost and safety benefits in not having to travel to site

How it works

Using the latest digital walkthrough technology, we create a high resolution 360-degree virtual model of your site or building.

This allows for additional information and multimedia to be embedded in the Macuport™ 3D Works Procurement and Management Model, for example:

  • PDF
  • Text
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Links to external sites (maps, company website etc.)

We visit your site or building and undertake the scan, which usually takes 1 day. We then work with you to add the information tags and share the final model with you within 10 working days from onsite data capture. 

Applications of the Works Procurement and Management Model

The virtual walkthrough model has a range of features and is very easy to scale for a range of use cases.

Interactive 360-degree walkthrough with full coverage

Aerial views of roof areas can be captured with 360-degree cameras or drone technology. This includes the possibility to generate an external 3D digital model using photogrammetry.

Ability to zoom in close on images

Ability to measure lengths and areas

Important information clearly annotated and further detail accessible and downloadable via tags

Ability to record user access details (name, date/time, registration)

The model can be easily integrated with third party systems such as procurement and project management platforms.

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Cost and hosting

workplace management model

The digital model of your site or building is securely hosted on our Macuport™ server. The model itself can then easily be shared via your website, intranet, or preferred location. Simply insert a basic line of code (known as an i-frame) of the model on your website to display and share it.

Macuport™ is a secure, reliable environment, and all data is stored in accordance with Australia data laws.

Get a Macuport™ 3D Works Procurement and Management model created for your space, starting as low as $600. Cost will be based on size of the premises, number of tags and applications required.