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Homelessness Week 2019


Today marks the beginning of Homelessness Week 2019.

Homelessness Week is an annual week to raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness, the issues they face, and the actions needed to achieve solutions.

According to the ABS 2016 Census data released in March 2018, homelessness in Australia has risen 14% in the past five years. 116,000 Australians are now experiencing homelessness. Shockingly, two in every five-people are under the age of 25, making up 37% of the homeless population.

Macutex partners a not for profit organisation, Kids Under Cover, dedicated to preventing youth homelessness. The heart of Kids Under Cover is their Studio Program. The program provides accommodation for young people experiencing difficult living conditions exacerbated by severe overcrowding.

Each prefabricated one or two bedroom studio, is installed in the backyards of homes to assist carers in need of more room to accommodate young people with a safe and secure enviornment.

These studios coupled with a scholarship, give young people the skills to become independent adults, offering the best chance at a bright future.