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At Macutex, we’ve been thinking about the bigger picture and the important issues COVID-19 has brought to the fore. In our case, it has made us question the fundamental issues and reconsider the ways we went about our everyday. The question of whether or not we were optimally living and working has lingered. Why have

Do you regularly have the feeling that there is more to do than you can possibly achieve? Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and even burnt out from constantly reacting to incoming demands on your time and the need to put out never-ending spot fires? The Eisenhower Matrix (also known as the Urgent-Important Quadrant) is a visual

At Macutex, we’ve taken an industry-leading position to adopt drone hardware as a standard tool of trade. In recent years, we have invested in training our existing, experienced building auditors in the proficient and safe use of drones when conducting on-site assessments. Macutex is a CASA compliant, ReOC certified drone operator, with in-house CASA