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Working Better – Diagram of the Month


Do you regularly have the feeling that there is more to do than you can possibly achieve?

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and even burnt out from constantly reacting to incoming demands on your time and the need to put out never-ending spot fires?

The Eisenhower Matrix (also known as the Urgent-Important Quadrant) is a visual tool to help you decide on and prioritise tasks by urgency and importance. Created by the former US President and Allied Forces Commander during World War II, it aims to identify and distinguish the less urgent from the important tasks, and identify those which are best delegated and those which don’t need to be done at all.

Right now, when business as usual has been disrupted and is in the process of being redefined, and when business decisions are necessarily based on rapidly changing information sets and circumstances, this tool is a proven and structured way to manage your competing demands and priorities.

In the words of Eisenhower – “What’s important, is seldom urgent. And what’s urgent, is seldom important”.