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Your Moment

At Macutex, we’ve been thinking about the bigger picture and the important issues COVID-19 has brought to the fore. In our case, it has made us question the fundamental issues and reconsider the ways we went about our everyday.

The question of whether or not we were optimally living and working has lingered. Why have we gone for so long unquestioning business as usual? We believe that right now, we have a moment to reconsider our deeply ingrained habits and beliefs. In turn, allowing us the opportunity to stop for a moment and think things through.

In other words, what if we began to think differently about how and where we spend our time? What if the need to innovate businesses isn’t separate from everything else in our lives, but woven into it?

In this video, we share our thoughts and aspirations for the future for Macutex and our wider community. Could this be your moment too?