State-Wide Facility Asset Assessment Program

A state-wide facilities asset condition assessment was conducted throughout regional NSW across more than 170 depot and office facilities, and 400 zone substation facilities over a 4-month period. Scope of services included:

o Capture asset information and identify the current condition of buildings, rooms, grounds and services in relation to minimum performance standards

o Preparation of a scope of works required to rectify elements to conform to relevant maintenance performance standards, Australian Standards, and OH&S requirements

o Develop forward 1, 3 and 7-year maintenance and capital works programs based on the scope of work identified

o Preparation of budget cost estimates to install, upgrade or rectify elements to meet minimum performance standards for all sites, buildings, rooms and site grounds

o Preparation of site and building layout plans in AutoCAD format

Project reporting deliverables included findings in MS Excel format, written summary reports, and interactive data analysis and reporting dashboards.

The assessment program findings provided the client with:

o The basis for the development of an Asset Management Plan

o Establishment of a 7-year maintenance budget

o Information to support strategic portfolio and space planning