Return to Workplace: Health & Safety Plan

The Return to Workplace Plan uses virtual technology to help you brief the people who need to know when they need to know.

Do you have a return to workplace plan in place for your staff, contractors or tenants?

How are you sharing that plan and detailed information with those who need to access it?

As an employer or building manager you have a statutory obligation to ensure up to date information is available to anyone accessing your workplace or building.

With current access restrictions, physical distancing and working from home arrangements, it has become much harder to safely and effectively inform those who need to know, when they need to know.

Checklists, videos, documents and photos can hold key information around workplace access and compliance. What if you could gather all those items in one central location that can be accessed from anywhere at any time – a virtual walkthrough experience of your workplace?

It helps ensure up to date and clear communication for those you need to inform of access, processes and compliance.

This also assures your staff, contractors and tenants that your return to workplace health and safety plan means a safe workplace for them.

How We Can Assist

The Return to Workplace Plan is a 360° walkthrough experience built on a 3D digital model of your space. Depending on your workplace size and organisational needs, we layer this model with information tags to embed streamlined key information for staff, contractors or tenants.

The Return to Workplace model can be utilised by:

  1. Your Planning team for designing and re-purposing the office space through understanding space utilisation and traffic flow.
  2. Your HR team to safely communicate induction, training and compliance requirements.

Access and Cost:

  • The 3D model is easily hosted on your website, intranet or similar for users to access at any time.
  • We offer a range of packages from the budget-conscious to premium solutions. Budget models, similar to the Macutex office example, start from $750.

Click on the 3D model to see how we use this technology as part of our own Return to Workplace Health and Safety Plan at Macutex.


  1. Ability to measure distances within the model to ensure compliance with current restrictions and regulations
  2. Staff distancing and movement design
  3. Information tags with text, links, video or PDF’s
  4. The model becomes a compliance tool to ensure staff and tenants review all mandatory information

The 3D model can easily be amended and updated with information to also assist with:

  • Staff inductions
  • Emergency management
  • Workplace hygiene policies
  • Contractor induction
  • ESM compliance
  • Asbestos management
  • Other Health and Safety regulation management

Set Up Your 3D Digital Model In 4 Simple Steps

Step 1 – Contact Us:

We always start with the end in mind and help you identify what type of scan best suits your space.

Step 2 – Onsite Scan:

We usually scan your property within 2-3 business days. We make sure that any key areas or points of interest are captured in high resolution whilst we are on site.

Step 3 – Enhance with Content:

After the scan we work with you on the type of information we can layer in the 3D digital model through tags. This helps guide your staff or tenants to read or watch specific content pieces inside the 3D model.

Step 4 – Publish and Connect: 

Your virtual 3D model is ready to share externally via your website and other communication channels within 5 business days.

Develop Your Own Digital 3D Model

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