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We have the subject-matter technical knowledge and experience to ensure successful outcomes. By managing large teams of assessors; assessment scheduling and coordination; multiple stakeholder communication; data set administration; and ensuring sustained performance over extended periods of time, we can ensure quality data is delivered in a time and cost-effective way.

Macutex delivers facility asset assessments and data collection programs, so that you can confidently decide what to do and spend, when, where and most importantly why.

Macutex has been refining its technological web-based platforms and resource management systems since 2006 to ensure key success factors are achieved.

Types of Asset Assessments

Asset Registers

Asset registers for enhanced asset management, financial, M&A and procurement activity performance.

Facility Performance Audits

Facility performance audits for maintenance investment, leasing agreement and disposal options decision making.

Large Scale Portfolio Assessments

Large scale facility portfolio asset condition, compliance and functional suitability assessment programs for asset estate lifecycle management and strategic planning

Asset Registers

Asset registers for enhanced asset management, financial reporting, and procurement documentation.

Just like a building needs a structural foundation, sound asset management relies upon a structured asset register to support important processes, reporting and decisions. It is difficult to appropriately manage your asset base or demonstrate

operational transparency if your asset information is incomplete, inconsistent, out of date and irrelevant.

Since 2006 Macutex has been at the forefront of assisting clients in developing high quality asset registers in a time and cost-effective manner utilising proven delivery systems and innovative technology.

Facility Performance Audits

Facility performance audits for maintenance planning, leasing agreements and future use options analysis.

Do you need to better understand the existing performance of a facility in regard to its condition, maintenance requirements, compliance with relevant legislation, functional suitability for its intended purpose and occupants, and its return on investment? Is there a better use for the building, how easy would it be to repurpose, or would the best option be to divest the asset?

If you find yourself needing to determine the answer to these questions, Macutex can assist. We have been supporting clients make more informed decisions about their facility assets through comprehensive facility audits conducted by multi-discipline teams comprising engineers, building surveyors and construction management professionals.

Large Scale Portfolio Assessments

Macutex is a leading industry provider of large-scale facility asset portfolio assessment programs for asset maintenance, lifecycle management and strategic planning. This includes asset condition, regulatory compliance and functional suitability assessments.

Our philosophy and advice for those considering a large-scale asset assessment program is to start at the end.

Based on our extensive experience, we recommend clients first ask the following questions as the basis for establishing an appropriate scope of works:

1. What are the important operational and business decisions that need to be made when managing your facility asset portfolio?

2. How are these decisions currently being made, and how would you like to be making decisions?

3. What information exists, and what information is lacking to make these decisions, and how will conducting an asset assessment program address this?

Identifying and having a good understanding of these important considerations as part of the pre-planning stages will save you time, money and reputation.

Macutex has successfully delivered more than 50 portfolio wide asset assessment programs from 10 buildings to over 24,000 buildings in a single portfolio. We can guide you in establishing and delivering the best assessment program for your situation.

Drone Based Data Collection

Macutex has invested in training and licencing existing in-house experienced asset assessment resources in the proficient and safe use of drones whilst on site. This removes the need for a separate drone flight program requiring additional third-party resources, expense and time. Clients are able to receive the significant benefits of this approach by way of overall program cost reduction, greater certainty in delivery and minimised disruption to onsite occupants. 

The significant advantages of using drones for at height asset assessments, compared to elevated work platforms, fall restraint systems and oversized laddersis safety and costMacutex has been able to demonstrate this for clients, particularly for large asset portfolios requiring assessments at scale. 

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Why Macutex

Macutex Point of Difference 
  • In-house company CASA licensed Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC – No.1348), and Chief Pilot 
  • Seven (7) in-house company trained and CASA licensed Remote Pilots (RePL) 
  • Comprehensive flight risk and safety management systems 
  • Fully insured for flight operations undertaken 
  • Currently incorporating the use of drones as standard asset assessment practice on major government contracts throughout Australia 

Drone Data Collection Applications

  • Building roof and external façade inspections including installed plant and equipment
  • Thermal imagery for identification of heat loss, moisture differentials and solar installation performance
  • Vegetation mapping and bushfire attack level (BAL) assessments
  • General site imagery and promotional videos

360 Imagery and 3D Model Scans

Our assessors are also trained in 360 degree and 3D photogrammetry image capture, infrared and LIDAR point cloud data acquisition to create immersive walkthrough digital models.

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