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What Exactly is Service Package?

Our unique Service Package is an innovative, powerful and integrated solution which was developed following more than a decade spent in assisting property professionals to manage their diverse property portfolios.

The service is designed for those responsible for ensuring building asset portfolios are appropriately maintained, compliant and fit for purpose.

In simple terms, the Macutex Service Package is a suite of relevant services and resources bundled into a single delivery package accessed via a set monthly subscription fee.

We Understand Your

Challenges and Frustrations


Outdated Data

Working with asset data that is out of date, unreliable and inconsistent.

Administration Overload

Managing multiple procurement activities and service providers

Feast or Famine Data Collection

Conducting one-off portfolio-wide asset assessment and data collection programs that are typically delivered every three to five years, yet fall short in meeting the organisation’s needs

Compliance Gaps

Concerned about gaps in regulatory compliance responsibilities due to limited resources.

Setting Budgets in the Dark

Reliant on outdated and inefficient processes to complete annual maintenance and capital works budgets.

No Single Source of Truth

Dealing with multiple sources of information, in different formats, and in systems that may be difficult to use, leaving you lacking the confidence to support decisions, or respond to stakeholders’ queries

The Core Features

Ongoing Data Collection

Quality data in a timely and cost-effective way

  • Asset element and condition rating data
  • Statutory maintenance compliance audits
  • Building code compliance audits
  • Fit for purpose and functional suitability audits
  • Operational risk and public liability audits
  • Asset re-valuation data
  • Updated photos, videos and plans
  • Drone roof inspections

Information Reporting and Decision-Making Tools

Enjoyable ways to visualise, analyse and report information

  • Asset registers
  • Maintenance planning
  • Budget preparation
  • Compliance management and reporting
  • Issues analysis and prioritisation
  • Asset lifecycle modelling
  • Drone videos and imagery
  • Internal 3D walkthrough models
  • Portfolio strategic planning
  • Stakeholder report generation

Technical Advisory Support

That additional resource you always wanted

  • Technical specialists including engineers and building surveyors at the end of the phone, or in person when advice is needed
  • Operational tools and templates available for download
  • Best practice industry reference material
  • Updates to changes in legislation
  • Building asset strategic planning workshops
  • Exclusive member only roundtable events

All-Inclusive Packages – One Simple Monthly Subscription

Less Expense

Less Administration

Less Stress

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