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Keep Your Data Complete, Relevant, Standardised and Up to Date

Building Asset Assessments

We have the professional expertise and qualified personnel to deliver Asset Registers alongside Single Facility Performance Audits and Portfolio-wide Asset Assessment Programs.

Learn more about how we can help your business fill data gaps and make the best decisions on when and where to spend on your property portfolio.

Building Asset Assessments Building Asset Assessments Building Asset Assessments Building Asset Assessments

One vs Many

We specialise in two different assessments; Single Facility Performance Audits and Portfolio-wide Asset Assessment Programs.

Learn which service best suits your business needs to support your informed decision making.

Single Facility Performance

Facility performance audits for maintenance planning, leasing agreements and future use options analysis.

Find yourself needing to determine the answer to these questions? We can assist. We have supported clients to make more informed decisions about their facility assets through comprehensive facility audits conducted by multi-discipline teams comprising engineers, building surveyors and construction management professionals.

Portfolio-Wide Asset Assessment Programs

Maintaining a large portfolio of assets can be challenging. This is particularly the case when a lack of confidence in expenditure decisions is derived from a lack of confidence in existing information regarding the assets.

The success of large-scale asset assessment and data collection programs requires subject matter technical knowledge and experience. However, success also requires the capacity and capability to program manage large teams of assessors; assessment scheduling and coordination; multiple stakeholder communication; administration of large data sets; and ensuring consistent and sustained performance over long periods of time.

Our point of difference and strength within the market is as an organisation that has been specifically established to deliver high quality, cost effective asset assessment programs and client reporting.

Considering a Large-Scale Asset Assessment?

Our philosophy and advice for those considering a portfolio-wide asset assessment program is to start at the end.

Based on our extensive experience, we recommend clients to first ask the following questions as the basis for establishing an appropriate scope of work:


What are the important operational and business decisions that need to be made when managing your portfolio?


How are these decisions currently being made, and how would you prefer to make decisions?


What information exists, what information is lacking to make these decisions, and how will an asset assessment program address this?

Building Condition Assessment - Asset Inventory Data Specialists

By evaluating your situation and having a good understanding of these important considerations at the pre-planning stages, you can save time and money.

Work with us to provide your business with the data needed to understand the best practices to maintain your portfolio.

Macutex has successfully delivered more than 50 portfolio-wide asset assessment programs, from 10 buildings to over 24,000 buildings in a single portfolio.

We can guide you in selecting the best assessment program for your specific needs.

Asset Registers

Asset registers are critical for asset management, financial reporting, and procurement documentation.

Just like a building needs a structural foundation, sound asset management relies upon a structured asset register to support important processes, reporting and decisions.

It is difficult to appropriately manage your asset base or demonstrate operational transparency if your asset information is incomplete, inconsistent, out of date and irrelevant.

A Detailed Comprehensive List

An asset register details your organisation’s assets, imagery and their overall condition. It helps your business understand what they own or lease, the stock of that item, find out where that asset resides and who is responsible for it. Asset registers can include building components and services components, depending on the individual needs of our clients.

We Help You Make Informed Decisions

Since 2006 Macutex has been at the forefront of assisting clients in developing high-quality asset registers in a time and cost-effective manner utilising proven delivery systems and innovative technology.

Where to from here?

We deliver solutions that are specific to your needs, and our pricing model aligns with this.

As your chosen building condition assessment partner, Macutex will understand what services you are seeking so our team can prepare a specification document and competitive quote for an end to end project delivery.