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I don’t want to miss out on experiencing innovative technology, but don’t have the current means to access it.

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Our approach offers optimum balance between risk, performance and cost.

Finding it difficult to keep up with the latest technology and filter through what solutions you could be using to better manage your buildings? For those that understand the opportunities of change, yet like to be in control of the outcome, we’re making that first decision, that first step, easier for you.

Introducing Macuport® 3D Lite. We believe that technical tools and innovation can make it both easier and more affordable for you to plan and budget for your facilities.

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Our Approach

If you can’t or choose not to go to site, we’ll bring the site to you.

We have made remote building management easy and affordable through virtual walkthrough technology. All so you can access and share important information for your facilities with those who need to be briefed, wherever they may be.

Not sure how to manage your building assets in the ‘new normal’?


Introducing Macuport® 3D Lite – a fully functioning digital model of a sample area within one of your own facilities.

We create a 360-degree virtual walkthrough model of one space in your building with high-resolution footage for only $499. You then nominate what key information you would like to add to the model via information tags and the relevant application.

The digital model of your workspace is securely hosted on our Macuport® server. The model itself can then easily be shared via your website, intranet or preferred location. Macuport® is a secure, reliable environment and all data is stored in accordance with Australian data laws.

The benefits of using this technology

  • Low cost alternative to test out new technology first hand
  • Quick, easy, and reliable access to critical information
  • Stakeholder management to showcase the benefits
  • Onsite briefings without people having to go to site
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance, corporate policy compliance and reduce risk
  • Time, cost, safety in travelling to site

Asset Assessment Specialists

RSPCA Victoria

In 2019 we were engaged by RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to undertake a condition and compliance assessment at four sites with 32 buildings to determine the elemental condition, defects, replacement value, items of risk and overall remaining useful life of the elements. Our team used the assessment findings to help inform work priorities, programmed works for repairs, maintenance, and capital works programs as well as risk management planning.

Our Service Package offering helped us collect relevant data sets for the client to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, by using our range of digital products, including drone-based data collection and virtual walkthrough technology.

The client can now access all building data and digital models via the secure hosting on Macuport server, which can also be shared from the client’s website, intranet or preferred location.
This project provided the client wit

h a comprehensive understanding of their building responsibilities and condition of their assets. Giving the client the ability to continue their community-based charity work to prevent animal cruelty across Victoria.

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Access The Right Technology To Manage Your Facilities With Ease

Book a demo with our team to see Macuport® 3D Lite in action.

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