Data Visualisation, Analysis and Reporting

Innovative Ways to Visualise, Analyse and Report Information

Interactive Dashboards

Data analytics, interactive decision making and reporting dashboards.

Digital Asset Models

Immersive facility walk-through and fly-around 3D digital models for more efficient and engaging access to information.

Artifical Intelligence

AI enabled tools for enhanced asset defect detection, visualisation, reporting and issues management.

Interactive Dashboards

We understand that the key challenges of those responsible for facility asset portfolios includes the ability to:

  • Easily and efficiently understand the insights from asset data
  • Make informed decisions and prioritise action
  • Persuasively influence key stakeholders including those approving budgetary spend

As part of Macutex’s web-based Service technology platform, Macuport, our clients are able to more easily and intuitively visualise, analyse and report on their asset data.

This includes:

  • Asset registers with associated images
  • Facility attribute information
  • Issues registers with priority ratings and associated images
  • Maintenance scheduling in tabular and graphical formats
  • Works prioritisation analysis
  • Lifecycle forecasting and predictive analysis
  • Trend and correlation analysis
  • Performance metrics dashboards

Digital Asset Models

Macutex has adopted leading 360 imagery and 3D digital modelling technology into its assessment program services, delivering a new user experience via our online technology platform, Macuport. This includes the ability to walk around a site and within the facilities being inspected.

Not only do you have an immersive walk through experience, you have the ability to:

  • Link supporting information such as pdf files, images and video content that can be accessed through user defined tagging
  • Take measurements at any location to support conceptual design and works planning
  • Integrate with existing asset information management systems

We Bring the Building to You

Example Use Cases for 360 Imagery and 3D Digital Models

1. Before and After Documentation

  • Property leasing (schedules of condition and defining maintenance responsibility)
  • Project works (managing defects liability and assessing works completion)

2. Facility Planning

  • Conceptual design
  • Stakeholder input and collaborative discussion
  • Space utilization analysis

3. Facility Viewing

  • Premises booking consideration and pre-screening
  • Event planning tools

4. Interactive Information Management

  • Enhanced procurement facilitation including remote virtual site briefings
  • Site induction for new employees, visitors and contractors
  • Site hazards and risk information management
  • Statutory maintenance asset registers and record keeping

Artificial Intelligence

Macutex has taken a leading industry position of adopting AI for the detection, analysis and reporting of issues utilising machine learning and photogrammetry captured during the onsite asset assessment process. This includes for both aerial drone capture of sites and external assets, and ground based external and internal digital scans of assets.

The application of AI driven image recognition is opening up a whole new world of benefits and opportunities.

This includes:

  • More efficient and accurate detection and analysis of significantly large sets of images
  • Resource productivity, i.e. time spent by technical staff on the critical review, interpretation and finalisation of outputs and not on administrative processing
  • Being a valuable contributor to the industry sector through supporting the advancement and improvement of collective machine learning


A cloud-based information analysis, reporting and decision-making platform for building asset portfolios.

All At Your Fingertips In The One Place

Asset Element and Condition Registers

Facility Attributes

Hazardous Materials Registers

Plan and Diagrams

Compliance Management Systems

Drone Image and Video Platform

3D Walkthrough Digital Models

Photo Library

Supporting Your Job Role Responsibilities

Maintenance and Works Planning

Asset Life-cycle Modelling

Issue Works Prioritisation

Compliance Reporting

Budget Preparation

Strategic Planning

Risk Profiling

Stakeholder and Report Generator

Making your job role
more confident, complete,
and enjoyable.

Macuport has been specifically designed to support those that are responsible for ensuring their building asset portfolio is appropriately maintained, compliant and fit for purpose. We understand your challenge is to decide and act on what to do and what to spend where, when and most importantly why.

Now there is a better way.

What exactly is Macuport?

Macuport © is an integrated SaaS technology platform developed by Macutex consolidating and displaying all relevant asset information into an interactive user experience.

Can you integrate with other systems?

Yes, you can integrate with inhouse systems – not replacing what already works and previous investments.

How much does it cost to use the cloud based software?

Cloud based software as a service (SaaS) can be accessed via monthly subscription – nothing to purchase or install. For more information on the software, please enquire with our team via Inquiry Form, phone or email.

Does this platform use third-party industry software?

Macuport incorporates leading third-party industry software – always be up to date with best of breed innovation and functionality.

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