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Sydney Catholic Schools

Facility Condition and Usage Audit

Macutex was contracted to deliver facility condition audits across 153 schools from March to December 2019. We assisted Sydney Catholic Schools to establish a reliable basis for the maintenance planning, code compliance deficiencies, space deficiencies, and gaining an understanding of the condition of all assets.

We completed the project within seven months, and prepared building plans to support ongoing operational management and assist with space planning. We provided an asset register of key elements for their reporting, identifying compliance concerns, the urgency of remediation for rectification works and identifying the usage on a room by room basis.

Our client was able to have a better understanding of the buildings they manage and ensure a safe place to continue providing low-fee Catholic education throughout the inner Sydney suburbs.

Asset Profile:

Our auditors surveyed 774 buildings, across 153 sites and approximately 1,032,075 m2 (equal to 193 football fields

Services Delivered:
  • CAD & Digital floor plan
  • Condition compliance
  • Essential Safety Measures (ESM)

Sydney Catholic Schools have been providing students with a contemporary, world-class Catholic education for 200 years. Today, Sydney Catholic Schools has more than 150 schools across the Archdiocese ensuring that local families have access to a low-fee Catholic education which will provide their children with the skills and knowledge they will need for the jobs of the future