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Using the Latest Technology to Help Manage Your Workplace Is Both Easy and Affordable.

Macuport® 3D Workplace Management Model

Are you tired of dealing with resource, process and administrative inefficiencies resulting in unnecessary expenditure and staff disengagement?

Are you looking to streamline inductions, health and safety management, and other regulatory compliance in your workplace?

We help you set up an interactive virtual walkthrough model of your workplace so you can share, store, and manage up-to-date essential business-related information, processes and reporting with the click of a button. Best of all, it’s securely hosted in one central location that you can access from anywhere. This digital tool is especially helpful for inductions of staff, tenants, or contractors, allowing people to “be onsite” and see important information in preparation for coming to the site.

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Applications you can include in the workplace management model:

Hazardous materials management (e.g., asbestos)

Plant and equipment requiring statutory maintenance and utilities connections (asset inventory and record-keeping)

ESM compliance management (asset inventory and record-keeping)

Emergency management (evacuation procedures, information, and training)

Pandemic return to work design, planning and implementation

Staff, contractor, and visitor inductions

Depending on your workspace and business needs, we can also provide aerial images captured with drone technology.

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The Benefits

How It Works

We create an interactive 360-degree virtual model of your workspace with high-resolution footage. You then nominate what information you would like to add to the model via information tags. The tags allow additional information and multimedia to be embedded in the workplace management model , for example:

How Is It Delivered and Hosted?

We visit your workplace and scan the premises, which usually takes less than a day. We then work with you to add the information tags and share the final model with you within ten working days from purchase.

Step 1

Contact Us

We start with the end in mind and work with you to identify the type of scan that best suits your space.

Step 2

Onsite Scan

We usually scan your property within 2-3 business days, ensuring we capture all key areas and points of interest agreed.

Step 3

Enhance With Content

We work together to layer the virtual model with information tags

Step 4

Publish and Connect

Your virtual walkthrough model is ready to share via your website and other communication channels within 5 business days.

Your workspace’s digital model is securely hosted on our Macuport® server. The model itself can then easily be shared via your website, intranet, or preferred location. Simply insert a basic line of code (known as an i-frame) of the model on your website to display and share it. Macuport® is a secure, reliable environment, and all data is stored in accordance with Australia data laws.

How Much Does It Cost?

Starting as low as $600, the cost will be based on the size of the
premises, number of tags and modules required.