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Close of Homelessness Week


Macutex  is proud to partner a not for profit organisation, Kids Under Cover, dedicated to preventing youth homelessness. With Homelessness Week coming to an end it is a perfect time to reflect on the work Kids Under Cover has done within the community.

Since 1989, Kids Under Cover have actively worked towards preventing youth homelessness. In 2018, 55 studio homes were built (32 one-bedroom and 23 two-bedroom), 180 scholarships were awarded to young people for education and training, and a total of 504 studios were thriving; accommodating 720 disadvantaged young people. From their studio program to scholarships, the not for profit organisation has focused on providing accommodation to young people burdened by poverty, abuse, neglect, unemployment, substance abuse, disability and mental illness.

Sabina Read, psychologist and Kids Under Cover Ambassador, stated that “a family environment is crucial in the outcomes for young people”, making it paramount to keep young people connected in a safe family environment. In addition, Journeys Home survey performed by the University of Melbourne stated that 62 per cent of respondents cited family breakdown or conflict as the main reason for becoming homeless, demonstrating the importance of providing a safe and secure home life for homeless and at-risk homelessness.

For 30 years our partner, Kids Under Cover, have been supported by a range of diverse and generous people who share the same vision: no young person should experience homelessness. According to the Kids Under Cover annual report, government funding represented 27% of total revenue, while donations from individuals, corporate, trust and foundation partners grew from 55% to 67%, generating a total of $8 million – $5.86 million being non-government sourced. Together we have worked towards a future in which young people have an equal chance at a bright future.

However, it can’t stop there. Kids Under Cover need your continuous support to do their vital work. By donating and advocating for the issue, you can make a real difference. There are many ways to be involved and help at-risk young people and their families:

Every donation, large and small does make a difference to young people at risk of homelessness. Click on MAKE A DONATION to donate.

Make a significant contribution to the lives of young Australians who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. It’s free, tax deductible, and a fast alternative way to selling or trading your unwanted vehicle. Click on DONATE YOUR CAR to donate.

There are many opportunities to fundraise for Kids Under Cover throughout the year. Click on FUNDRAISE to help.

Volunteers are the backbone of many things that Kids Under Cover do throughout the year. Often there are opportunities for you to become involved as a volunteer at Kids Under Cover events. Click on VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES to learn about more ways in which you can help.