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Industry Leading Drone Hardware


At Macutex, we’ve taken an industry-leading position to adopt drone hardware as a standard tool of trade. In recent years, we have invested in training our existing, experienced building auditors in the proficient and safe use of drones when conducting on-site assessments. Macutex is a CASA compliant, ReOC certified drone operator, with in-house CASA licenced Remote Pilots (RePL) regularly conducting drone-enabled inspections of roofs, gutters, facades and outdoor assets. Significant benefits of this approach for our clients include safety, cost and time savings.

Macutex also partners with leading building-modelling technology companies to offer comprehensive imagery and 3D modelling which enables detailed analysis and report generation for single-facilities or across asset portfolios. Our drone and spatial intelligence services accelerate insights, deepen understanding and enhance decision making.

For further information about how we can assist your organisation with either single-facility or portfolio-wide drone enabled inspections, contact us for an obligation free discussion.