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Macutex delivers its expertise and experience in the following 5 key ways.

Single Facility Assessments

There’s one thing you know about “that” facility, and that is that something has to be done.

So your main priority is obtaining an independent assessment that helps make your decision clearer.

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Portfolio Audit Programs

The collection of relevant data across your portfolio can be invaluable in so many ways,

however conducting large scale asset audit programs can be a time and cost consuming

exercise with little reward if not planned and implemented correctly.

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Compliance Management Solutions

Your legislative and regulatory compliance responsibilities are numerous and varied so

why shouldn’t your options to best manage them be best aligned to your situation.

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Data Visualization, Analysis and Decision Making Tools

Without the right tools for analysis, it’s easy to be data rich but information poor,

resulting in a lack of insight and missed opportunity.

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Asset Information Partnerships

The best approach to maximise service provider value and ensure consistent and

sustainable improvement is through long term partnerships based on multi-year contracts.

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